Aqua Pacific Launches 360 New Products

aqua_one_aquariumThe UK market is way behind other EU countries in the planted tank, betta and shrimp segments. The company launched its Opti Plant and Betta tank ranges which should go down well in the UK.

Opti Plant is a range of Opti White glass aquariums , CO2 systems, substrates, and the PlantGlo LED lighting, cabinets and accessories.

The Betta shop display systems are already in many stores, he said, and have been added to its new four-level systems, to be sold at £449.

The Mono, Duo and Trio Betta tanks allow up to three Bettas to be kept in one water body, and are very popular in Australia.

Aqua One also put on show the AquaVis tanks, a striking, ultra-modern design with a price tag of £599 – the first shipment sold out at the trade show.

The UK-made Inspire cabinets were another highlight, in 30cm and 40cm sq ft prints, in oak and white gloss or walnut and black gloss.
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