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Living Planet Aquarium prepares for December opening

Aquarium loveland living planet

Construction, which started 2th Oct 2012, continues on the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium in Draper. The aquarium is scheduled to open the last week of December 2013. The two-story Journey to South America exhibit, the slot canyon that will feature species unique to Utah, including the now indoor/outdoor River Otter exhibit. The highlight to be …

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An outsider’s view of the Burlington Fishkeepers Club in Vermont

members of the Tropical Fish club of Burlington Wermont

This is an article by a sympathetic reporter into what he sees as the unusual activities in a fishkeeper’s club during an auction. With about 45 current members, the Tropical Fish Club of Burlington has been uniting freshwater fish fans for almost a quarter century. Judging by the scene in the club house, it’s a …

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Why the Zebrafish will Never Die of a Broken Heart

male adult zebrafish or zebra danio

Dr Jana Koth works at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, based at the John Radcliffe Hospital, studying how the tiny Himalayan freshwater zebrafish repairs its heart after damage.   More than 6,700 people in Oxfordshire were affected by heart failure in 2011/12.   By looking at the way the zebrafish’s heart repairs itself after …

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A Rare fish only found near Islands in the Pacific has given birth in Captivity

A rare species of fish which is only found off a group of isolated islands in the Pacific Ocean has given birth at Blue Planet Aquarium, Cheshire Oaks. The tropical fish – which is black and white with long fins – is known as a cardinalfish and is found only on the coral reefs of …

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Excellent Portraits of Siamese Fighting Fish by Visarute Angkatavanich

            The Thai Photographer’s gallery is here.  

The Night Scene Extends Itself into London Aquarium

After the success of its special after-hours, adult-only event, London Aquarium is opening its doors again.Unsurprisingly, the event on 27 september 2013 was a sell-out. And the SEA LIFE after dark will be back again on Friday 22nd November, opening its doors exclusively to adults only for their second VIP late night opening.   Buy …

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Aqua Pacific Launches 360 New Products

The UK market is way behind other EU countries in the planted tank, betta and shrimp segments. The company launched its Opti Plant and Betta tank ranges which should go down well in the UK. Opti Plant is a range of Opti White glass aquariums , CO2 systems, substrates, and the PlantGlo LED lighting, cabinets …

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First Ever Birth of Weedy Sea Dragon at Birch Aquarium.

weedy sea dragon

The weedy sea dragon, a close relative of the sea horse, has been bred fro the first time at Birch Aquarium San Diego. Quite an achievement as only five other aquariums have bred sea dragons in captivity in the US. Article here All about Weedy Sea Dragons

Guinness Book of Records – Biggest Aquarium in the World? Atlanta aquarium Georgia.

Aquarium loveland living planet

Ocean voyager. So long a tunnel you need a motorised walkway.   The newest exhibition is Sea Monsters Revealed: Aquatic Bodies. What’s at the aquarium? Here’s the list       programs and activities   Atlanta Aquarium website

Rare Tropical Marine Fish Found in Massachusetts

Students from the Boston University Marine program, while diving off the pier in Scituate Bay, discovered three juvenile butterfly fish. These fish are not native to the Massachusetts area. One explanation for this apparent mystery is that fish have been swept along ocean currents from the Florida area. It is believed that this is the …

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