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The fish doctor’s aquarium review guide

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Marineland ML90609 nano aquarium 5 gallon

The aquarium has been designed for appearances first. And to tell the truth this is a nice looking nano aquarium. With it being made of glass and not acrylic it won’t scratch easily. The glass corners, unlike siliconed aquariums, are rounded. This looks nice but it does distort your view of the fish at certain viewing angles. The filter and lighting stuff are hidden in a compartment at the back of the aquarium. So the filter doesn’t spoil your view. This is good and bad. The filter, being in a little compartment makes it difficult to remove and clean.

The filter is very quiet because it is not run on an air pump. This together with its small size makes it an ideal bedroom fish tank.

The led light is okay but could do with being brighter. I don’t think it is bright enough for aquarium plants though. The aquarium needs to be near a window to get enough light to grow aquarium plants.

The kits comes with filter, glass lid and LED light as standard, but no heater for tropical fish. When you buy a heater for this aquarium there isn’t a gap for the heater cable to run easily into the aquarium. The recommended heater size for this tank is 25watts.

The fish doctor’s recommended stocking levels of fish for this aquarium is a single betta or 2-4 nano fish.

The manual for this aquarium is here


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